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Marketing Consultancy Firm in Jaipur


marketing Consultancy-www.markegist.com

Markegist is a Marketing consultancy firm in Jaipur that doubles down as a digital marketing agency. To help expand our offerings, we’ve developed several tools and marketing tech to improve the marketing efforts of our clients. A Marketing consultancy firm in Jaipur believes successful business growth strategies require a ruthless focus on understanding customer needs and quickly developing new offers and experiences that deliver on them. Business growth is best achieved when an organization is customer-oriented and poised to act quickly. In order to realize the most impact, companies need to act faster than the competition and do so in a sustainable, feasible way. And once we have a clear understanding of the required strategic direction for our client, we then set about developing robust marketing plans to achieve the strategic objectives.


Is my Product / Service marketable? How to increase sales? How to expand in different markets? How to counter competition? How to leverage existing marketing investments? How to get more leads and how to better the conversion rate?


The core of what we do lies in the marketing strategies that we develop. Drawing from on our own hands-on experience in the Indian Media Industry, we have our own proven and robust approach to developing effective marketing strategies and marketing plans to successfully apply on behalf of our clients in different industries and market sectors.


With our knowledge and hands-on experience of marketing and media strategy development and planning, we focus on charting our way ahead with our clients to develop marketing & media strategies and implementable plans that contribute towards sustainable growth for the clients’ business. Our ability to deliver response is backed by the fact that we possess proven expertise across all media be it strategizing a plan for online advertising through google ads or PPC (pay per click campaign) or through newspaper adverts and outdoor advertising.

Our thorough brand assessment is the core of our process. We ensure that we get our thinking right at the beginning of the development of a clear marketing strategy for our client.

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