About us

Markegist Solutions is a unique consulting company to shape and restructure the organization. We have served more than 100 clients.

Our business relation starts with initial rigorous interaction with Management to understand their requirements and our scope of work. After mapping the customer requirement with our scope of work we understand that whether the organization is prepared to shape, based on the facts and we take assignments to SHAPE the organization.

Our services are mainly focused for Startups and small business firms and companies to grow.


With the concept of Sustainable Growth Management Program (SGMP), we implement strategy:-

• With structured consultancy methodology, internal reporting, monitoring, and experienced consultants, we always serve our customers with need based solutions.

• We have developed our own assessment system “Sustainable Growth Index (SGI)” to monitor our customer’s process OUTPUT and OUTCOMES which can be connected to Future strategy and business growth.

• With our strong monitoring system at our back office, we provide assistance to customers’ second and third-line management members with ON-SITE coaching and mentoring.


 Our Vision

We would like to be known as a “Business Architect” and “Management  Solution” provider for all types of industries with our Sustainable Growth Model to make our clients stronger and sustainable in terms of financial outcomes with PROCESS and PEOPLE integration. We believe that our growth is directly proportionate to our customer growth and always remain as a business partner to monitor our customer progress with effective monitoring and control systems. “We Integrate – We Implement”


Our Mission

To offer coaching, mentoring and need based ON SITE solutions to companies, helping them to GROW, NURTURE and EVOLVE